I am writing to you about the elimination of the Q38 in Middle Village where the route goes down Juniper Valley Road, 75th Place, Furmanville and Penelope Avenues. The MTA suggestion is another route which is Juniper Blvd South. This is too far for the riders. Also, in the heat, cold, snow, and ice and when it is dark in the morning and night it is not safe. After 50 years in Middle Village (I am older) this will not work for me or other riders. Life is stressful. MTA is modernizing the buses regarding time and elimination of bus stops. What about the riders? This is not helping us. The Q38 is a reliable bus and gets the riders to their destinations on time. This is very cruel of the MTA to take away the Q38 from the whole area it services. There are health care workers that take care of the elderly and depend on the Q38 to travel to them from Rego Park. The MTA that designed this plan needs to leave the Q38 route the way it is.

Stay well,
Helen Hirst, Middle Village