Newtown Historical Society sponsored a bird walk on Memorial Day weekend at All Faiths Cemetery. Although spring migration was winding down, there were still interesting birds seen and heard. The group also discovered a potential warbler habitat to scope out on the next tour. Thanks to Rob Jett for serving as leader.

List of birds:
Rock Pigeon • Mourning Dove • Chimney Swift • Laughing Gull • Herring Gull • Turkey Vulture • Red-tailed Hawk
Red-bellied Woodpecker • Downy Woodpecker • Northern Flicker • Eastern Wood-Pewee (heard only) • Red-eyed Vireo
Great Crested Flycatcher • Warbling Vireo • Blue Jay • American Crow • Barn Swallow • House Wren • European Starling Gray Catbird • Northern Mockingbird • Gray-cheeked Thrush • American Robin • Cedar Waxwing • House Sparrow
House Finch • Chipping Sparrow • Brown-headed Cowbird • Common Grackle • American Redstart • Northern Cardinal