City Council Member Antonio Reynoso, who represents mostly northern Brooklyn but also covers part of Ridgewood, is pushing a plan that would charge residents for trash pickup per bag. He claims we now have unlimited free pickup of garbage and that is responsible for our poor recycling rates. He seems to forget that we pay something called taxes which cover garbage pickup. Not to mention that the city stopped picking up electronics and now we find them dumped all over streets and sidewalks. Also not examined is the effect this plan would have on low income residents. The council member would be doing a greater service to the city if he advocated for expanding the recycling of TVs which as of now is only done at the DSNY garage in College Point. We doubt his Ridgewood constituents find it easy to travel across the borough to recycle their discarded TVs. To add insult to injury, the Wall Street Journal reported in August that we spend more to collect and transport recyclables than we do for regular trash and that the amount of money we recoup on the commodities market has fallen way below expectations.