As we all are aware by now, the bridge repairs at Metropolitan Ave and Fresh Pond Road are finally in full swing. However, we have to believe there is a better way to treat pedestrians who need to cross at the affected corner. The northwestern corner of the intersection is completely blocked off by a concrete construction barrier. Pedestrians cannot safely cross from this corner to the opposite sides of Metro or Fresh Pond. They must double back all the way to Mount Olivet Crescent or Eliot Avenue in order to find a safe crossing spot. Of course, pedestrians are not doing that as it is quite a burden and it is putting lives in peril. The project manager, Nancy Catapano, has been made aware of this via several emails with photos illustrating the problem. There is even a sign at this corner informing westbound bus commuters that their stop has been relocated to the CVS side of Fresh Pond…which they can’t cross over to. We suggest temporary pedestrian crossings with stop signs and crossing guards at each end of the barrier in order to make crossing less hazardous. In Manhattan for the 2nd Avenue subway construction there are multiple crossing guards posted at affected corners. Why was this problem not anticipated and addressed by the DOT before the commencement of construction here?