Dry Harbor Road in Middle Village merges with 80th Street as you head south and follows the path of a colonial road called the “Road to Dry Harbor”, which was a former name of part of Glendale. In 1936, the lovely “little park” section of Juniper Valley Park had not yet been acquired and old homes, many of them attached to small farms, still dotted the landscape. Through the 1920s, the area was almost all farmland, but in the 1930s, development ramped up and semiattached homes were built on the east side of the street, offering a glimpse into Middle Village’s future. The stores at the corner of 63rd Avenue can be seen off in the distance, but there were no vehicles around the day the top photo was taken. Today, cars are ubiquitous and those saplings planted decades ago have grown into giants. After 71 years, the homes in the photo still look as good as when they were first constructed.