Runaway Causes Injury to Two and Many Cases of Fainting

A runaway caused injury to two persons and fright to many others at the main gates to the Lutheran Cemetery Middle Village, yesterday afternoon. A dozen women fainted. Several funerals had reached the gates about the same time. A whiffletree on a coach occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Borehers of East One Hundred and Sixty-First Street and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Trilsch of 371 Pleasant Avenue Manhattan, snapped, and the horses bolted. Mounted Policeman Frank Cornell managed to steer the team into the gate posts and stopped it. The driver was thrown from his seat and his head was cut. Mrs. Trilsch at the first alarm attempted to jump, and her hand was crushed by the carriage door. A physician from Long Island College Hospital attended the injured and treated several cases of fainting and hysterics.