Dear Neighbors,

For years residents have been trying to get a sidewalk on 70th St. between 57 drive and 57 road. Councilwoman Crowley told us it was a big job for the DOT and would need to be a Capital Project and it was shelved in the budget process. Then Councilman Holden told us DOT inspected the site and was going to make a sidewalk for pedestrians on one side of the street. Then the pandemic happened and we were told that because of budget cuts the job couldn’t be done. This is a short street but many people use it to get to the back entrance of CVS and to get to Grand Ave and the Midway Nursing Home. Everyone, young, old and the handicapped, all have to walk in the street with the cars and with snow it makes it more dangerous. Why does it always take a tragedy before our city officials do the right thing?

Richie Polgar