22-year-old Louis Shenker of Massachusetts and 27-year-old Taylor Lyne of California surrendered to police after a “hoax bomb” was found inside a car parked on a ramp at the Queens Place Mall. An abandoned dog was also found during the bizarre January 4 incident. Why they chose the mall or Elmhurst for this stunt involving a propane tank inside the car engine is unknown. The husky dog was rescued by police and has been rehomed. On January 12, 40-year-old Edouard Florea of Middle Village was arrested at his home after making threats online toward elected officials. A cache of weapons was found in the home and he was charged with a weapons-possession related offense. Then on January 19, 37-year-old Brendan Hunt of Ridgewood was arrested for threatening to murder members of Congress and urging others to do so in social media posts made between December 6 and January 12. All three incidents were connected to right-wing extremism. If convicted, they’ll likely have plenty of time to learn more useful hobbies as the charges carry lengthy prison sentences.