City Council Speaker Corey Johnson dropped out of the mayor’s race last year, but recently announced that he is running for comptroller. It’s usually wise to elect someone with a background in finance for that role, yet Corey Johnson let it be known in February that he only has a high school diploma. While education is not necessarily an indicator of intelligence, the fact that he decided to go back to school for a Bachelor degree while he was still serving in the capacity of the second most powerful person in the city should be scrutinized. On top of that, while he ramps up his campaign to be the city’s next fiscal watchdog, in his last year as Speaker he is pushing for sweeping changes to the city charter which include de facto elimination of the Uniform Land Use Review Process (ULURP) and removing participation in land use decisions by local community boards, borough presidents and the city council. It’s safe to say that education aside, he’s certainly no expert in city planning. See page 16 for an analysis of the false narrative behind Johnson’s “Planning Together” legislation.