David Holdsworth, of Maspeth, was elected a game constable at the last town election. Since his election he has been active every Sunday in arresting small boys whom he detected fishing in stagnant ponds for what are termed “killies.” As it is unlawful to fish upon the Sabbath day, the Justice before whom the boys would be brought would usually fine them $1 each. Last Sunday Holdsworth arrested three grown men who were fishing in a stagnant pond near to the Long Island Railroad track at Flushing Avenue. The men had caught three small silver fish, or killies, and Holdsworth marched the three men to the Maspeth car stables, put his prisoners in the Newtown car, and then stepped out of the car to engage in conversation with some employees of the railroad. The car did not leave for ten minutes, and the prisoners, tiring delay, walked out at the rear and escaped as Holdsworth, to his dismay, discovered later.