Grand Avenue west of the Long Island Expressway has been a repeated location for film shoots. This is hurting businesses located along the strip, which often lose thousands of dollars in revenue each day that film crews monopolize the streets. While it’s nice to see our neighborhoods featured in film productions, and film companies provide jobs to local residents, our local business owners need to be protected as well. Multibillion-dollar industries should not be allowed to negatively impact small businesses with the blessing of the City of New York. Juniper Park Civic asks that the Mayor’s Office of Film, Television and Broadcasting (MOFTB) and the City Council institute mandatory reimbursement to businesses located along filming corridors. It would also help if the businesses were offered tax breaks for having to put up with filming. The film industry already gets millions of dollars in tax incentives per state legislation, so why not throw small business owners – who don’t get a reprieve from payment of wages, taxes and bills – a bone as well? Also, a mandatory moratorium on filming in a particular location after repeated impositions would go a long way. It’s being done in other communities, so why not here?