The newly constructed Kosciuszko Bridge has some great improvements over the old bridge. One of them is that a pedestrian and bike path has been added that offers great views of the city. Years ago, we could only quickly gaze at a beautiful sunset as we drove over the bridge.

Now people can take a leisurely stroll, jog or pedal the length of the bridge and stop and take in the views. There’s the Manhattan skyline that is impressive any time of the day or night and good views of Greenpoint, Newtown Creek, high rises in Long Island City and Calvary Cemetery.

At each end of the bridge is a sitting area to rest and more park space will soon be added. Take a walk in Greenpoint and you’ll see a neighborhood a lot like Maspeth with many one and two-family homes bordering industrial areas. On the Queens side, Calvary Cemetery is rich in history and has beautiful paths to explore